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Here are some of the various media that I’ve recommended in episodes.

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  • Michael Lesy, Wisconsin Death Trip, 1973. [Amazon] – The book which is our namesake.
  • Douglas Adams, Last Chance to See, 1990. [Amazon] – Recommended in Ep. 71.
  • Oliver Sacks, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, 1998. [Amazon] – Recommended in Ep. 16.

Movies & Television

  • Wisconsin Death Trip, directed by James Marsh, 1999. [Amazon] – The documentary adaptation of Michael Lesy’s book, our namesake.
  • Dragonslayer, directed by Matthew Robbins, 1981. [Amazon] – Recommended for our Patreon Commentary Track on the film.
  • The League of Gentlemen, 1999-2017. [Amazon] – Referenced in Ep. 65 and recommended generally.
  • The Witch, directed by Robert Eggers, 2015. [Amazon] – Recommended in Ep. 60.
  • Pumpkinhead, directed by Stan Winston, 1988. [Amazon] – Recommended in Ep. 60.
  • Pet Sematary, directed by Mary Lambert, 1989. [Amazon] – Recommended in Ep. 60.



  • Gloom, Atlas Games. [Amazon] – Recommended in Ep. 65.
  • Dead of Winter, Plaid Hat Games. [Amazon] – Recommended in Ep. 64.
  • Mysterium, Asmodee. [Amazon] – Recommended in Ep. 63.
  • Forgotten Game of Ur, Android app, Alexei Garbuzenko. [Google Play] – Recommended in Ep. 63.
  • Betrayal at House on the Hill, Avalon Hill. [Amazon] – Recommended in Ep. 62.


  1. Michael Porter

    Hey Patrick

    Congratulations on the podcast, brilliant!
    Having only recently discovered MDT I have just caught up with your back catalogue and I love it.

    I would like to make a request for the podcast and give a recommendation.
    I have a BA in Historical studies and live and work in Bristol, UK as a cabinet maker. I enjoy visiting historic sites in my leisure time and Your podcast has really added to my appreciation of such sites. I just visited St. David’s in Wales!! With the cathedral, and the remanent of the bishops palace and an outer wall you really can visualise it as religious compound and a centre of real influence

    I found Episode 71. Concerning stained glass, fascinating. And as a cabinet maker would love to hear anything about medieval carpentry for either building or furniture making. My carpentry teacher used to say that it was carpenters who built the cathedrals as they would build the Centers ( temporary timber formers ) that stone work for arches would be built over.

    Lastly I would like to recommend a book.
    Listening to you talk I can’t imagine that you aren’t familiar with “A Canticle for Leibowitz “ by Walter M Miller Jr. but if not I highly recommend it and would love to hear your opinions on the show.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

    Michael Porter

  2. Student mmu

    I discovered your site today (researching Symeon of Durham, for a book)…

    And it is ‘love at first site’

    Your website is AMAZING… I LOVE IT!

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