BL MS Add 37049 f31vWe celebrate two years of Medieval Death Trip on our Halloween anniversary with an extra spooky episode looking at the walking dead who haunt William of Newburgh’s Historia rerum Anglicarum.

This Episode’s Text:

  • William of Newburgh. The History of William of Newburgh. The Church Historians of England, vol. IV, part II, translated by Joseph Stevenson, Seeleys, 1856, pp. 395–670. [Available at Google Books.]


  • Caciola, Nancy. “Wraiths, Revenants and Ritual in Medieval Culture.” Past and Present, vol. 152, Aug. 1996, pp. 3-45.
  • Simpson, Jacqueline. “Repentant Soul or Walking Corpse? Debatable Apparitions in Medieval England.” Folklore, vol. 114, no. 3, Dec. 2003, pp. 389-402.

Image: Detail from British Library, Add 37049, fol. 31v.