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MDT Ep. 96: Concerning the Relics and Grave of King Oswald

This episode we examine the fate of another royal head, that of King Oswald of Northumbria, and the miracles associated with his relics and the dirt from his grave, as reported by the Venerable Bede.

Today’s Text

  • Bede. Beda’s Ecclesiastical History. The Church Historians of England, translated by Joseph Stevenson, 1853. Google Books.


  • Fowler, J.T. “On an Examination of the Grave of St. Cuthbert in Durham Cathedral Church, in March, 1899.” Archaeologia, vol. 57, no. 1, Jan. 1900, pp. 11-28. Archive.org.
  • Raine, James. St. Cuthbert, with an Account of the State in Which His Remains Were Found upon the Opening of His Tomb in Durham Cathedral, in the Year MDCCCXXVII. Geo. Andrews, 1828. Google Books.

Featured Music: Extracts from Franz Schubert, Piano Trio in E flat major, D. 929 (composed in 1827, the year Raine opened Cuthbert’s tomb), and  Edward Elgar, Variations on an Original Theme (Enigma), Op. 36 (published in 1899, the year Fowler opened Cuthbert’s tomb) both via CC-PD license at MusOpen.org.

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