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MDT Episode 06: Concerning the Year Something-Fourteen

Medieval Death Trip returns with the first episode of 2015, in which we take year-end retrospectives to the extreme and sample all the year 14s for each century covered by the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, followed by a look at the great Cottonian Library Fire of 1731.

This episode’s selection is from:
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. Trans. E.E.C. Gomme. London: George Bell and Sons, 1909. [Available through Google Books.]

Further reading: Andrew Prescott, “‘Their Present Miserable State of Cremation’:┬áthe Restoration of the Cotton Library”

Image: “View of Ashburnham House, London, 1880” by Henry Dixon [via Wikimedia Commons]
View of Ashburnham House, London, 1880, by Henry Dixon

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  1. Julia

    I much prefer the stories to the small excerpts, but your telling of the library fire more than made up for it! I am new to studying Medieval History, so maybe when I know more the excerpts would mean more. I know I am commenting probably long after you’ve thought about these, but I did want to offer a bit of a suggestion if you ever do something like the excerpts again – maybe instead of using a radio sound in between, the scratching of writing would be more appropriate and keep us in the time era.

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