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MDT Episode 28: Concerning the Terrible Crimes of Philip de Bella Arbore

Detail from of French bible. Moulins BM, MS 0001 f. 316On this episode, we’re back with Thomas of Monmouth’s The Life and Miracles of St. William of Norwich to hear a tale of fire, fratricide, and fetters.

Today’s Text:

  • The Life and Miracles of St. William of Norwich, written by Thomas of Monmouth and translated by Augustus Jessopp and M.R. James. London: Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1896. [Available on Google Books.]


  • This episode features original music by Chris Lane and a modified version of a recording by John Sayles.


Detail from of French bible, ca. 1200. Moulins BM, MS 0001 f. 316.

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  1. Graeme Bird

    This is outrageous. You are working backward from the iron clad assumption that CHRISTIANS drained the kids blood. Hundreds of years later you are still trying to slander Christians for this blood libel.

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