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MDT Episode 22: Concerning Elfred the Bone-Hunter

Tomb of Bede by Robert ScarthOn this episode, we look at a couple of diggers of relics: first, Elfred (or Aelfred or Alfred), who brought the relics of the Venerable Bede to Durham Cathedral; and second, antiquarian James Raine, who dug up those same relics in the early 19th century.


Images of the cast of the skull of Bede and its lovely, TARDIS-blue storage box.



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Photo of the present-day tomb of Bede, by Robert Scarth. Used under Creative Commons License (CC BY-SA 2.0)


  1. Emory

    Easily one of my favorite podcast series. We have a podcast listening group and your podcast is included so add about ten to your listener numbers.

    • Patrick

      Cool! Outside of the occasional car trip, I’ve always just been a solo podcast listener, myself. But I like the idea of listening groups a lot!

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