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MDT Episode 09: Concerning the Wretched Fate of a Grammar Teacher

Wellcome Library, MS 49, fol. 42.Better late than never, it’s Episode 9, wherein we hear Eberhard the German’s description of his own doomed conception, after a fashion, by which he introduces his handbook of Latin composition, the Laborintus.

This episode’s text:

  • Eberhard the German. “The Laborintus of Eberhard: Rendered into English with Introduction and Notes.”¬†Trans. Evelyn Carson. Diss. Cornell University, 1930. Print.

Image: Wellcome Library, MS 49, fol. 42r.¬† “Uroscopy Chart.”

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  1. Andrew

    As an English teacher myself I can’t help but laugh at the font of tears. My students surely may think that about their textbooks. I have a couple of questions for you, though I’m aware you may not delve this deeply back in the comments. Do your students listen to your podcast?

    Secondly, I came here not originally not as a teacher of grammar but as a tabletop roleplaying game master (i.e. Dungeons and Dragons). I wonder if there isn’t a segment of your fan base that is interested in medieval weirdness from that standpoint?

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