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MDT Episode 08: Concerning a Devil Pig, a Death Prophecy, and St. William’s Candles

Today, we continue with Thomas of Monmouth’s tales from the shrine of William of Norwich. This time, instead of miracle cures, we get an example of a miracle injury — in other words, a good old-fashioned smiting. On the way we get a visit from a sinister pig and learn that candles might be valued more than a life.

This episode’s texts:

  • The Life and Miracles of St. William of Norwich, written by Thomas of Monmouth and translated by Augustus Jessopp and M.R. James. London: Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1896. [Available on Google Books.]
  • Blick, Sarah. “Votives, Images, Interaction and Pilgrimage to the Tomb and Shrine of St. Thomas Becket, Canterbury Cathedral.” [Available at academia.edu]

Image: British Library MS Stowe 17 (The Maastricht Hours), f. 82r.

BL MS Stowe 17 f.82r

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  1. Andrew

    This episode is fantastic. I was chuckling continuously at the devil pig. I also love Thomas’s ax-grinding at Prior Elias as shown through William’s candle request. It’s such a great window into the sometimes petty internal politics of these monks. I love the podcast, Patrick.

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