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MDT Ep. 75: Concerning More Challenges to the Throne of Man

Photo of Maughold Head by Adie Jackson.

This episode we encounter another saintly curse, this time at the hands of St. Maughold, the patron saint of the Isle of Man, and on our way to that miracle story, we catch up on the trials and tribulations of the Manx dynasty of Godred Crovan since we last saw them in Ep. 44. As a bonus, we’ll also hear the origin story of St. Maughold, a.k.a. MacCuil the bandit, a.k.a., Cyclops, as recorded in Muirchu’s Life of St. Patrick.

Today’s Texts:

  • The Chronicle of Man and the Sudreys. Edited by P.A. Munch, translated by Alexander Goss, vol. 1, The Manx Society, 1874. Google Books.
  • Muirchu. Life of St. Patrick. St. Patrick: His Writings and Life, edited and translated by Newport J.D. White, Macmillan, 1920.


  • Kinvig, R.H. The Isle of Man: A Social, Cultural, and Political History. Charles E. Tuttle, 1975.
  • Mood, A.W. The Folk-Lore of the Isle of Man.¬†Brown & Son, 1891. Sacred-texts.com.

Image: Photo of Maughold Head by Adie Jackson (CC BY-SA 2.0)


  1. Ethan Cordray

    Hi, I’ve just discovered your podcast, and enjoyed this episode immensely! Thank you for the charming treatment of the story, and for an introduction to some medieval texts that I hadn’t been aware of before.

    And, by the way, welcome to Missouri! By coincidence, I happen to be a Missourian myself (down in Columbia), and I’m always cheered to hear of folks moving to my fair state. Pro tip from a librarian: take full advantage of Culver-Stockton’s membership in the MOBIUS library consortium for all your research and book-borrowing needs.

    • Patrick

      Ahh, well Columbia is where I’ve been for the last decade, as it happens (so I’m intimately familiar with MOBIUS)! I’m enjoying settling in here on the river in the northeast corner of the state, but I am starting to miss some of my favorite Columbia restaurants, from the very local (Flat Branch) to some chains that had become part of my routine that aren’t over here yet (Chipotle)…

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