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MDT Episode 03: Concerning a Vision of Heaven and Hell and a Bad Outlook for the Bishop

BL Royal 19 C I f. 33

First episode in a two-parter: we look at story from Symeon of Durham’s History of the Church of Durham involving a person who reawakens from apparent death to share a vision of the afterlife that portends bad things for the bishop of Durham.


This episode’s selection is from:

Symeon of Durham. Libellus de exordio atque procursu istius, hoc est Dunhelmensis, ecclesie: Tract on the Origin and Progress of this the Church of Durham. Ed. and Trans. David Rollason. Oxford: OUP, 2000.

Image: British Library, Royal 19 C I f. 33

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  1. Julia

    I like your ‘rambling on’ – it sets a context and helps me understand the text so much more and thus enjoy it!

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