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MDT Episode 01: Concerning Poisoning By Toad

Welcome to the first full and proper episode of Medieval Death Trip. This episode examines a tale of pirates, prisons, and poisonous toads, and the gruesome aftermath of combining those three elements together.

The text for this episode is taken from The Life and Miracles of St. William of Norwich, written by Thomas of Monmouth in the late 12th century. This translation is from the edition by Augustus Jessopp and M.R. James [London: Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1896], which is available on Google Books.

Yates Thompson MS 13 f.145r

Image from the British Library: Yates Thompson MS 13 f.145r


  1. Errol

    Dear Patrick,

    Thank you for putting together this gem! I am looking forward to kosteninflatie to more of your podcasts and hope that you will continue to produce these fine pieces of learned goodness for a very long time to come.

  2. Julia

    I’m one of those listening years into the future, but I’m enjoying your podcasts and wanted to let you know! I am particularly appreciative of how you are teaching us to look at these archives from the collective memory perspective in order to discern how accurate it is rather than dismiss too much as fanciful fiction.

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