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MDT Episode 14: Concerning the Death of Simon de Montfort

BL MS Nero D ii f177 - Mutilation of Simon de Montfort,In this episode, we continue the tale of Simon de Montfort’s struggle against King Henry III, with a look at two depictions of his final battle and death.

This episode’s texts:

  • The Melrose Chronicle. In The Church Historians of England. Vol. IV, Part I. Ed. and trans. Joseph Stevenson. London: Seeley’s, 1856. [Available at Google Books.]
  • College of Arms MS 3/23. In Laborderie, Olivier de; J.R. Maddicott, and D.A. Carpenter. “The Last Hours of Simon de Montfort: A New Account.” The English Historical Review 115.461 (Apr. 2000): 378-412.


Image: BL MS Nero D ii –  Detail from f. 177v – The Mutilation of Simon de Montfort.


  1. Julia

    I am really loving the way these scribes artistically articulate what happened – there is a beautiful style and rhythm to the wording. It really is a combination of art and fact.

  2. Jason

    I started listening to your podcasts in February after getting directed here form the history of the crusades podcasts. Though I have loved all of your podcasts, something about this one I thought was done at a whole new level. I thank you for the time and effort you put into these and bring the scribes to life. It has gotten me through many a long ride homes from work.

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